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Humla Trekking

Trip Overview

  • 12 Days
  • Nepal
  • September to December
  • Up to 5,000M
  • Easy to Moderate

Humla Trek situated in the Northernmost district of Nepal is the gateway to Mount Kailash. Trekking in this virgin land brings the picture of enchanted and mythical Shangri-la. The remoteness and the wild beauty of nature of this region make the trail extraordinary than the others. Passing through the highest mountain of this area - Mt. Saipal(7,031m), the Humla trail is one of the toughest treks to experience in your life. The neatly arranged terraced fields, deep green gorges, cascading waterfalls, serene lakes, forests of pine trees, rich wildlife and plenty of rock-strewn trails are some of the remarkable scenarios of trekking in this region. With an incredibly diverse people of ancient Khasa kingdoms, ancestors of the grand Zhangzhung kingdom of the north, with a blend of Rajput and Thakuri makes Humla one of the culturally fascinating places in Nepal. The sight of the mighty Karnali River and the snow-capped peaks makes everything in this trek a beautiful journey. To put it all, Humla Trek offers the beauty of nature at its best!